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$3000 for the RED CROSS

So delighted.  I just hit the $3000 mark tonight for my RED CROSS fundraiser!!  I was at $2825 at dinnertime today and needed a  wee bit more to hit that $3000 mark so I posted a challenge on my facebook page and 2 donations came in that brought my total to $2905.  I was so excited and posted yet another challenge to try and get to $3000 tonight so I asked if anyone would be willing.  Within minutes, my fabulous cousin Maitina in TX, who had apologized last week that she couldn’t donate b/c they already did before I announced my fundraiser, donated $100 to bring my total to $3005!  I love this!  Thank you to everyone who has given to this fundraiser.  I am speechless.

Crowdrise likes to keep it fun and interesting for all their fundraisers and they have a leaderboard of fundraisers for the various causes.  For the TSUNAMI and EARTHQUAKE relief in Japan, I am somehow at #7 or #8!!  There are huge fundraisers at the $600K mark and some who are at a few hundred.  I am proudly OWNING my #7 ranking!  haha!!

I will close the fundraiser on April 17th which will be the 30 day mark.  So there is still time!!  And feel free to share this with your friends!  After all, there is a raffle for my professional services!  Win-win all around!

Here’s the link.



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