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A snow day finally

Finally, DC was covered with the white stuff.  Not  much but enough for slick riding on the sled at a local hill where I usually do my portrait shoots!  We also took our boogie board and wow — what a great piece for a fast ride down the hill.  I don’t have snow pants so I did only one run b/c I was too cold but the boys had a great time.  Snowboarders were taking over this area which bugged the hell out of me…..but we had a little section to ride without the loud teenagers.

It cracks me up to see kids Harry’s age with so much coverage (hats, jackets) that they can barely see.





Sarah Hodzic - Julia, you guys are SO adorable!
Love these photos.
And man do I miss snow days as a kid… is there anything

Armin - Snow days = crazy fun!

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