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“America’s Song” at Sirius/XM this weekend

What an amazing day here in the DC area, isn’t it?  I am still feeling the buzz of energy and excitement and emotion.  As a native Alexandria-girl, I am so proud to be a part of all this in my wee, yet powerful, city.  While I did not go downtown to brave the elements for the ceremony and parade, I was content to watch the action on TV.  I am so proud of our new President and optimistic in knowing  what he aspires to do for our country.  Let’s all pray for him b/c he has a hard and long road ahead — one which will require him to surround himself with strong and astute individuals.  It seems impossible what needs to be accomplished but at least he is creating HOPE and a sense of renewed Patriotism again.  From here we can garner more direction and clarity with our own roles as we aid him along the way.

I wanted to post the youtube video of “America’s Song” which was co-written by David Foster (song writer/music producer) and Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas) for the Inaugeration Festivites. This came about 10 days before the recording took place at XM this past weekend a la Oprah (I think).  It premiered on her show this past Monday and you can watch the live performance which is on her website.

I am pretty sure everyone who reads this blog (tho, I do not know all my subscribers!) knows that Jack (my husband) is the Director of the Performance Studio at Sirius/XM so this studio is his day to day ‘office’.   He  was involved with the recording all weekend and this you tube version shows some behind-the-scenes in the studio.

And I gave Jack my D200 to snap a few shots….(note that I did not give him my D300!)

Here he is at his console.





David Foster (center – he has some GOOD hair!) and Jack (right)


Seal rehearing his lines.


Will.i. am and Jack



jack - great thanks…i thought i had the state of the art camera…i should have brought my minolta XG-7…(:

Beth - ummm hellooooo awesomeness! I know you were just as excited as I was about the change we feel in the air!

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