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Baby Ainsley | Newborn Session

First of all, I have updated the look and feel of my blog a bit and I hope you like it!  So do let me know.  I am tweaking it a lot so if you see something off, please alert the forces as this will be a work in progress as I have time.

Secondly, Happy New Year to all my loyal blog subscribers and blogline readers!  I adore all of you and am grateful to know I am not blogging in vain!   I had a terrific 2008 personally and professionally.  Professionally, my work skyrocketed, somehow, and I’m blessed and overjoyed with the direction it has taken.  I have also met so so so many wonderful photographer-friends along the way and love that aspect of my work as well (you know who you are!).  I feel that between clients and colleagues, my heart and soul are filled and I’m doing the right thing!   To that point, I will be co-hosting a photographer get-together/learning session/social afternoon in a few weeks (my good buddy Armin deFiesta is the organizer) and from the looks of the invite, there will be over 25 attending — only a handful of which I know personally.  So here’s to more networking and friends – and if you have not been added to his growing DC networking list, let me know and I’ll be sure he adds you to all communication.

Now on to business!  Little Miss Ainsley was born 3 weeks early and here’s her photographic debut!  Her mom purchased my Bebe package and came in for her maternity session in the nick of time!  Look at how gorgeous mom is too!!  We did the session around the 2nd week in December.  Then,  just days before Christmas mom emails to inform me of Ainsley’s early arrival — the week after our maternity session.  With the holiday madness, I had to figure out a way to get them in asap and we were able to do the shoot earlier this week.  And we did manage to get her little buns in at the 2 week mark.  Whew!  She cooperated FULLY for this session as you will see.  And because I am still behind on December sessions for my blogfestworld, I am finally posting mom’s maternity pix as well as the newborn session photos here.














Susan Solo - Julia! These are fantastic! I can’t pick a favorite – they’re all gorgeous. Okay, actually I’m partial to the ones in the hat…so so sweet.

Laura Muehlendorf - julia this baby is so super cute!!!! great shots!!!!

Amy Lorraine - These babies are adorable!!! Awesome, awesome shots! Can’t wait until I am pregnant so we can do a session :)))

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