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Music in the fam

I am pretty sure everyone knows that we have Jack’s 21 year old cousin, Jackson, living with us this summer – another musician. It’s fun to hear all the ‘noise’ around the house in the way of guitars, vocals, percussion, keyboards. At night when I’m working, I usually have my itunes going but when the […]

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San Fran/Napa Trip: Days 5-7, Part 3 of 3

I completely forgot to post about the last 3 days of our trip to Napa/San Fran. Bear with me, there is good stuff to report…. almost-naked-people photos for one, but I have to do this now b/c I’m going on vacation again this Saturday for 9 days and need to do this before we leave! […]

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Good times in the Mac household

I’m trying to keep perspective right now, if that’s even possible, with soaring prices on everything, mortgage nightmares for so many Americans (thankfully we are okay on this) and gas, natural disasters around the US that are just heartbreaking to hear and watch, food contamination in my favorite food (tomatoes), etc!!! And our electric bill […]

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Goofing off!

My 5 year old is a nut. He is headed for the comedy circuit as he ONLY wants to people laugh. When I asked him a few weeks ago to thank God for one thing, he responded with, “Thank you God for making me funny”. He generally knows when to be funny and when not […]

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