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Studio closed until May 22nd!

I’m happy to say that my studio is closed until May 22nd! I will be on vacation in Napa Valley + San Francisco celebrating birthday number…well, that’s not important. I will respond to inquiries upon my return and of course post photos late next week! I’m so excited to shoot scenery for a change!

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Fun with macro photography

This weekend was packed. I honestly think that shooting a full day wedding would have been easier in some ways. Between kids soccer games, feeling obligated to plant before I miss out on that, events at my son’s preschool, a bday party for a good friend and a all-day seminar today, it was non stop. […]

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*one of my favorite sessions in a long time!*

First of all I have to congratulate myself on this inaugural post to my new blog! (I’m hugging myself for you). I feel like breathing a breath of fresh air here as I felt constricted by my old blog. Yes, it was cluttered a bit but I didn’t have many options. This blog template was […]

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Tag!!! You’re it!!!

I’ve been tagged! This cracks me up b/c I feel too old compared to my loyal blogger friends and colleagues to be doing this. But Vicky, event planner extraordinaire from Event Accomplished, tagged me for this particular funny one. Here are the rules: 1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules […]

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Okay, this is so cool — grabbed it from Facebook. When I sat here to think about all the cities I have been to in the world, it was a fun task! I have been to so many great places around the world — see all the pins on the Map — around 47 cities […]

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