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My kids

So every so often, I just have to share some fun moments in our life.  Last week the 2nd graders at my son’s school did a “Living Wax Museum” — they had a month to reserach a historical character (assigned to them) and put together a costume, a 60 second speech and a tri-fold with […]

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Snow Madness in DC area this week

What can I say.  I am certainly glad I do not commute to work after hearing about the harrowing drive home for commuters on Wednesday.  Jack’s took 2 1/4 hour and he left at 245pm before the worst!   I was home watching the snow fall at an exponential rate on Wednesday late afternoon….loved watching […]

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Fun with my new HOLGA camera

Santa brought me a sweet, flashy, funky RED film camera for Christmas.  I really have come full circle as in 2001, when Jack offered to buy me a digital camera (a sweet little PNS), I laughed and said, “NEVER”.  I was trained in film, studied film, had only darkroom experience….LOVED to inhale stop bath and […]

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