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DC Photographer Shootout

Yesterday I had a ‘play’ day with many of my great photographer-friends from the Baltimore area/DC/Richmond area while meeting some new photographers from the region as well!  This was the first official “DC Photographer Shootout” where a number of photographers (in this case about 47) get together and break out into smaller groups for some ‘learnin’ and afterwards some chow and networking.  A group of us were at my house from noon until about 3 hanging out and watching the models get their makeup done by the amazing Crystal Jo — who happens to be the sister of another friend/photographer (an my roomie in Vegas last Februray for WPPI), Shelby Martin.  Then we hit Old town for a few hours of instructions by some seasoned pros followed by dinner at Overwood.  The fun and fabulous Noah Hayes shot continuously on his D3 for this amazing stop-motion slideshow after teaching about off-camera lighting with my other great friend, Kimberly Brooke Green.   And again, this is done on a D3 CAMERA – not video.  It’s truly amazing.

Props to the other instructors/friends:  Armin deFiesta who taught panning/tracking and Asim Soofi who discussed the importance of relationships and building trust among our clients.

Click on this link below to see the slideshow….a total of 2700 images.

Noah’s DC Photog Shootout slideshow.


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