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Extra Large Artwork – Way Cool!

For the first time ever, I had a client that wanted uber-LARGE artwork for her home from a session I did this summer.  Not large as in 11×14 which most people think is ‘large’.  Because it’s not when one is decorating a wall.   It’s something I try to educate my clients about – (REPEAT:  8×10 and 11×14 is NOT large).  Rather, I am talking about a 30×50 framed print as well as a 20×30 matted and framed print which ends up being almost as big as the 30×50.  I was so excited, yet nervous to take on this challenge.  To ensure the success of this project order, I went to my clients house to help measure the space and figure out how big to really go – we also looked at the proper mouldings — style , color and thickness.  My sample 20×30 which I lend to my clients to see  how it would look in a space wasn’t even close.  I was floored.  What made the difference was seeing my sample in that space; that it really wasn’t big enough.  And then measuring it myself to figure out how big to go.  That’s how we settled on the 30×50.  I assumed my lab would be able to do this but surprisingly, they couldn’t!  So I had to find a new lab for this order.  Part of the problem was that I needed the images mounted on a strong substrate due to sheer size. As you’ll see below, the 30×50 has no mat and no glass (but is sprayed to protect it from dust and the elements).  So after some phone calls and working with a lab as well as my framing company, the orders went through!  Then a couple weeks later, HUGE boxes arrived at my house — one from the lab, one from the framing company.  I was so nervous that I didn’t open them for another 10 days.  The box size was daunting……I needed help!  My hubby was the one who finally said to me, “so are you ever going to open those boxes”?  It took some prodding to attack it.  So unlike me!

So after one mishap with the first version of the 30×50 (it was ever so slightly digitally stretched), they reprinted, resent and I reopened another large box.  And thanks to my sweet husband who helped put it all together, they looked stunning!  Next month I will go to their house to photograph these on their walls.  But here they are.



Rashmi - Consider me convinced!!! STUNNING!!!!!!!!

Jeff Wilson - Julia, those are breathtaking! I love the frames.

Liz Vance - Jules, those rock! Way to go, girlfriend!

Laura - Love it! beautiful work Julia!

peter bang - those are beautiful!

Armin - First of all, great photos! Second of all, good job to Jack for helping out =) Third… whoa those a huge & impressive. Your clients will love them!

Erin - Pure awesomeness! Can’t wait to see a picture of it on their wall!

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