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Hiring a Wedding Photographer

Picture 6Last week one of my wedding colleagues, Evan Reitmeyer of mydeejay.com, one of the area’s busiest Wedding/Event DJ’s,  sent out a litany of questions to many area photographers with the intention of educating brides and grooms on how to hire a wedding photographer.  The various questions were insightful and informative and that he took the time to cull this information for brides and grooms is truly amazing.  This was a follow up to another blog posting about hiring a wedding planner so there is a lots of awesome information, and probably more forthcoming, on planning a wedding.

My question was, “What if a bride and groom do not want to see each other before the ceremony?”  At first I wasn’t sure how to answer this because this is the norm around here on the East Coast anyway (tho changing ever so slowly).  But in other parts of the US, particularly in progressive California, many couples choose to see each other before the ceremony so that these moments can be captured on “film”.  These moments can be amazingly beautiful and poignant and allow for more creativity in capturing the reaction of the groom upon seeing his gorgeous bride.  In addition, it allows for more of a semi-private moment without the guests observing this ‘first sight’.  But the idea in answering this question is to give guidance on how best to maximize time when so many important shots are needed or requested that usually take place post-ceremony.

Here’s a link to the blog posting.

Thanks Evan!


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