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Jennifer’s belly

What? 2 blog entires in one night? The madness! I’m getting worried that March is here! It means 2 weddings, spring portraits kick in, orders from late winter that are suddenly happening and Harry’s 5th bday this week to plan for! Where did the slow days of winter go? It’s a mixed blessing. Work=fun! So I’m trying to crank thru my 3 shoots from last week and get it done before spring really reveals itself to me with more work.

Jennifer is due in April with baby #2. Her other baby is 7 years old! So she almost has a built in babysitter! NICE. She found me, oddly, thru Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep as she met a woman recently who is having a baby this spring with Trisomy 13 and had contacted the charity for their services. No matter how often I hear cases that request our services, it still pains me to hear it. Jennifer wisely deduced that if I work for the charity, I must photograph babies. Love that.

We had a great time. Jennifer was very laid back and comfortable which just makes my job easy and fun. Since I still feel I’m on the learning curve for maternity, I shot a lot and she was patient. I shot with 3 fabric pieces, 2 backdrop colors and various lighting scenarios. I had a great time, she was a wonderful model and I think we ended up with some great belly-beauty shots!


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