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My first cover on ENGAGED! Magazine | Northern VA Wedding Photographer

Last Friday was a big day for me.  It’s not often that life presents a sweet gift of happiness somewhat unexpectedly.  About a year ago I helped a few industry friends/colleagues with a bridal trunk show in Chevy Chase, MD.  A hairstylist, a makeup artist, 2 models (who happen to be sisters) and a photographer were we.  Provided to us were amazing Simone Carvalli gowns.  It was just an easy day having fun doing what we do best.  Fast forward to June.  Remona, the fabu hairstylist, called me when I was on vacation in the British Virgin Islands and said she needed to talk to me STAT.  I couldn’t call her b/c I was on a remote island with no cell coverage.  So I emailed her back to see what was up and she told me that the publisher for ENGAGED! magazine wanted to use one of my images for a cover!  I about fell off my [beach]chair.   I thought IMPOSSIBLE.  Not me.  Sure enough, it was one of the images from our trunk show day.  Our models were indeed stunning.  Just stunning.  And between their gorgeous genes, and the top of the line hair and makeup, it was an easy shoot.

Of course, I am always skeptical of stuff like this so I didn’t say anything to anyone but my husband until it was in my hands FOR REAL on friday.  I picked up a few copies at Barnes & Noble.  Thank you Lord.  Even tho I don’t plan to shoot weddings for many more years, it’s fun to have this particular one out there and say “I was published”!!!

Here are some shots from that day.  I snapped this from my (new) iphone at B&N last friday.  So surreal to see my own image on a magazine rack.

and here’s the original image…


Tom Schach - Congratulations Julia!! I’m so happy for you.
I’ll keep an eye open at my nearest newsstand!
Nice Cover!
Beautiful work, as usual .


Heather Menon - That’s awesome!!!

Sally - That cover shot is stunning! Congrats.

Jessica L. - Julia! So awesome! I remember seeing those photos when you blogged them before. I’m so excited for you — congratulations!!!

tina vaca - Congrats, Julia. So happy for you. And the cover portrait is great.

Keely Centers - Congratulations! That really is an honor. One that is totally deserved of course; I’ve always loved looking at your photos, especially of weddings. You just really know how to capture that feeling of a wedding. Too bad you aren’t out towards Utah, where I live. I would have loved to have you for my wedding. Oh well, I will just have to admire your work from afar.

Claire - Julia, this is so great! I just saw it as I was browsing through your web site, so exciting. Congrats, you deserve it.

Jill Myers - So awesome, Julia! Congrats!

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