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The Crowell Family….my family

A few weeks ago I attended a photography workshop in Washington, IL hosted by Julia Woods.  An intense, but wonderful 3 days learning all aspects of photography — from shooting, to editing, workflow, sales to the financials and all that makes a successful studio go around.  Luckily for me, my in-laws live in Galesburg, about an hour away so I spent a few days with my fabulous in-laws in their cozy home.  I was treated to movies, meals and home baked goods non-stop.  It was pure luxury.  Then when it was time to saddle up for the workshop, I transitioned to my sister in law’s house outside of Peoria about 15 minutes away from where the workshop was being held.  How convenient is that?  I had a home to go back to, a car to borrow, and a hot meal at the end of each day.  Which was a good thing seeing as my brain was fully overloaded and I just needed to refuel.

I love it in Central IL — just so different from the metro DC area.  Corn fields, an endless flat prairie, beautiful sunsets,  and no rush hour.  Great therapy.   As a wee thank-you gift I photographed the Crowell’s and their 3 rugrats.  2 of the 3 days I was there it was chilly and rainy and very gray.  I was wondering if we’d even be able to do this because  there is no way to ‘reschedule’!  But on the last evening, the clouds gave way  and it was perfect temperature and perfect light.  We did it.  And here is what I caught….such fun!!


Danielle Crowell - LOOOOVE these pictures! We had the BEST time with you! Perfect in every way. So happy you could come and stay with us. Your presence blessed us. Thank you LOADS for this glorious photo shoot. Unbelievable shots. You are awesome.
Lots of love to Aunt Julia!

Danielle Crowell - JULIA! I cannot thank you enough for this amazing photo shoot. We are so blessed that you came and stayed with us. Such a perfect visit. We love you!

Murphy Family | Northern VA family photographer

Love my summer nights with the warm  light and …..bugs.  Okay, not the bugs.  Boy were they bad this summer too!  But check out this sweet family.  The littlest guy wasn’t in the mood for photos but we did our best to make him smile and by the end, we had him giggling thanks to potty humor.  Yeah, I know boys and what works.  Thanks to my awesome high school assistant, Abby Whisler, who comes with me on occasion to help with the kids.


John Fitzgerald - Mightily impressed with this photographic essay of my daughter’s family. Can’t wait to see if there are more!

Bernard Murphy - Yea! William is cooperating with the photographer.

These are great.

Lara | Northern VA High School Senior Photographer

Here’s another fun “senior session”.  The first time I said “senior session”,  my 77 year old mom thought I was referring to senior citizens.  Don’t blame her seeing as she’s FULL ON an AARP member herself!  I was laughing so hard.  Not sure the market is there for that compared to HIGH SCHOOL seniors but who knows!  I’d do portraits of seniors!  HOLD THAT THOUGHT JULIA.  I do have a full plate but I love the idea.

Anyway, meet Lara.  She’s a senior at West Potomac High School in Alexandria.  Lara’s mom is a friend of mine from the boys old elementary school in Alexandria.  A true evangalist of my work, she has referred at least 3 other HS Seniors to book me (thank you Kathy).  I am loving these sessions and this past summer, almost threw in the towel.  Just didn’t seem to garner interest but clearly, there is.  And I’m glad, because these are such fun, energenic sessions.  So I’m going to keep praying the bookings come!

As a side note, Lara’s older brother just graduated from West Potomac also this past spring.  I did his senior session last year.  Here it is mixed in with another gal I shot.