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Norris | Northern VA High School Senior Photographer

I am thrilled to have a bunch of high school seniors on my books this fall!  I totally love doing these sessions as it adds variety to my work and it’s refreshing to work with with older kids who do what I ask!  Can’t always get that to happen with an 18 month old!  I usually have them bring 3-4 wardrobe changes, props and friends or mom’s to help out.  I am looking for more seniors to shoot this fall, so if you are interested or know someone who is, please contact me!  My fall calendar is  almost 100% booked so I’ll be looking to do more in the spring before graduation!  But I still have openings!


Brittany Oliver - I absolutely LOVE the second to the last photo, with the sun shining on her head… gorgeous!!! Great shot!

Fun engagement session: Lauren + Aaron | Northern VA wedding photographer

So I usually do not accept “just engagement” sessions.  I have a full plate as it is and I usually reserve these only for wedding packages only.  But I took this client and am so glad I did.  They are getting married somewhere other than the DC metro area — had already hired their photographer and wanted to do something local.  Both of them grew up here and wanted to have something done with Aaron’s work with small planes.  He has been flying and/or around these since he was 8 and is an advanced ground instructor with plans to go into the Air National Guard.  In any event, we went to Manassas AirPark one summer evening and just had fun!


Lauren - Thank you so much for taking these beautiful pictures! We absolutely love them and you were so much fun to work with.


Many of you know I LOVE my music.  I married a musician, my kids are musicians, we listen to it virtually everyday and I have it on all the time when I’m home alone working via sirius.com or iTunes.  One of my new favorite artists is BON IVER.  Saw this video recently and loved it.  As a mom to 2 boys, I was struck.  Not to mention the visual beauty of this production.

Take a look.  Hope you enjoy it.


mypicdaddy.com FEATURE

One of my very good friends/colleagues, Armin deFiesta, is a go-getter.  He’s always getting his fingers into new projects….he has been a wedding photographer for years but is now doing more commercial work and photographing sports cars.  He also is the producer/creator of a photography competition called SHUTTER WARS.  It’s a challenge-based reality TV and/or webisode concept focusing on professional photography and its target market – entry-level DSLR consumers.  Check out the first WEBISODE here (and listen closely to the theme music written by Mr. Jack MacInnis!!!).

As an off-shoot to this series, Armin launched a new website/blog called mypicdaddy.com  — The purpose of his blog is to “educate and inspire new digital camera owners, from smartphone users to digital SLR (DSLR) shooters“.  As part of his education for readers, he has been doing a ‘featured photographer’ interview.  He has interviewed a couple of my good friends/colleagues  and this past weekend, came by my home studio to interview me.  I am not a fan of being in FRONT of the lens and had a crack-up doing this.  Read:  many takes.  In any event, check it out.  He’s a great editor!!!  And if you’re an amateur photographer, I recommend subscribing to his blog so you can get his updates and tips, tricks and product reviews.

Here’s the link where you can read his write-up and also view the video he produced.  Thanks Armin!!!