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More backyard birds and finally my BLUEBIRD!

Since it’s winter, I just don’t have a lot of work.  Especially no outdoor shoots.  I welcome the respite after a busy summer and fall but then I get itchy for something!  Lately I’ve been watching my birds (now I really sound like an old person!) out my back deck.  I put a container (now on to my 4th) of suet — that lovely lard and fatty food for the birds that helps them keep warm in winter.  I have had so many varieties come!  Nuthatches, tufted titmouse, cardinals, wrens, chickadees, 3 types of woodpeckers and FINALLY, just FINALLY my bluebirds.  They are so spectacular!  I was nearly in tears when a bunch of them hung out yesterday.  So here they are….


Fall “mini session” | Northern VA family and portrait photographer

I forgot to post a lot of fun, fall sessions to my blog.  This was one of my fall ‘mini’s — we got this done in 25 minutes (instead of 15-20) SOMEHOW!  The more people, including dogs, the harder it is but we had happy kids, gorgeous weather and a  great setting with perfect light.  Sometimes if we have a bad mix of moods and weather, it’s a bust which is why I don’t live mini sessions.  But yay for success here!

I’ll be adding more fall sessions over the next few weeks since I’m in my slow season.  Facebook has lost it’s vigor as a way for marketing my work so I’m trying to get back to blogging!

This was one of my favorites.  The colors and personalities here were striking.  This family is a ‘regular’ and I love how mom gets the best clothes for her girls.  Louie, their standard poodle, was brought to the session — after all, dogs are family!  We know that here!  He photobombed one of the photos and you’ll have to guess which one it is!  Turned out great despite that and we were all cracking up!


Not a fan of winter except…..

when I have visitors like this.  Suet, this fatty food that birds thrive on in the winter to keep them warm, come quite frequently to feast on it.  I have had the pleasure of seeing so many wonderful, beautiful birds lately.  I have my camera ready in my family room for the ‘shot’….so all of these are taken thru the glass door!

A stunning pileated woodpecker

This is a red-bellied woodpecker. and your everyday tufted titmouse.


McDade Family – 6 years later! | Northern Va Family Photographer

I have known this family for probably 10 years as my boys and their girls went to the same pre-school – my own pre-school, St. Aidan’s in Alexandria.  One of the sweetest places on earth without question.  The last time I photographed them was in 2008 when they were tiny bubbles.  Fast forward to day and Maddy is a freshman like my oldest and Molly is in middle school.  It’s like warp speed and pretty darn bittersweet to acknowledge this.  But, by the same token, what a pleasure to see them grow and spread their wings!