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OLIVIA | High School Senior Session, Robinson Class of 2014

Meet Olivia.  She is the cousin of one of my son’s best buddies, also the granddaugther of one of my neighbors.   It was an honor to do her Senior Session — we went to little Clifton on another warm summer evening in late August.  These seniors really amaze me with their academic workloads, college application deadlines, athletic schedule and college visits.  I dread those days for my boys b/c it’s stressful for every member of the family but Olivia was relaxed and showed no signs of stress on our shoot.



Paul Family | Manassas Family Photo Shoot

This was a gorgeous evening in June.  Wonderful family and kids.  We shot this at Manassas Battlefield and I had never been there.  Loved the tall grasses and warm light.  These kids cracked me up — they were all so sweet and easy to shoot yet mom suggested they would be IMPOSSIBLE to handle so my expectations were super low.  I was ready to kill mom afterwards b/c she had me nervous for NOTHING!



DARLA | High School Senior Session, Robinson Secondary Class of 2014

So my dear subscribers.  I am sure by now you all have abandoned me.  I am even wondering if I post this in vain.  2013 has been splendid and of course, I was so busy and consumed by work and family that I neglected my blogging.  I have done so much of it via facebook but I also want to come back to this and share for those not on facebook.  I desperately needed to update this blog (visually, new format) but I gave up because I was getting overwhelmed!  More than you need to know.

ENTER, Tisha.  One of my dear colleagues Tisha Mccuiston, a photographer, blogger, (visit her site here)  homeschooler, gardener, and tech savvy mother extraordinaire helps people like me with updating their blogs!  She saved me. So here is my new blog.  ENJOY IT! PROPS to Tisha!

I will be posting OLD shoots from this year to catch up.  I am happy to present DARLA here.  My good friend, Jodie’s, daughter.  A Robinson 2014 Senior.  We visited Jodie and her family in their OBX house in June and I did Darla’s senior session down there in June along with her BFF, Jaime, who’s session I will blog shortly as well.   I loved the summer, beach sunset.  The light was yummy and I wish I had that for all my sessions.

(also, I BEG you, if you got this blog post via an old email subscription, PLEASE do let me know it’s getting to you and how it looks!  if it’s normal or formatted strangely, etc.  Just need feedback!)