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Parasailing in Siesta Key, FL

Last month our family took an interesting vacation in Siesta Key, FL — outside Sarasota.  Interesting b/c the moment we arrived, we were greeted with gusting winds and downpours thanks to Tropical Storm Debby  — with Sarasota virtually a direct hit.  This last nearly 3 1/2 days.  Pounding rains and winds on our 11th floor condo facing the Gulf.  Read:  40-50 towels later, we were still mopping up the water into the condo.  In any event, we were blessed with 2 1/2 great days at the end of our week one which included a luscious few hours parasailing.  Sadly, I didn’t take my good camera but did pay the parasailing folks for photos which is what some of these are — but also had Jack’s little PNS.  Funny enough, my mom took photos from our beach spot as our boat did a turn of us right in front of her.