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Snow Madness in DC area this week

What can I say.  I am certainly glad I do not commute to work after hearing about the harrowing drive home for commuters on Wednesday.  Jack’s took 2 1/4 hour and he left at 245pm before the worst!   I was home watching the snow fall at an exponential rate on Wednesday late afternoon….loved watching it until the power went out at precisely 720pm.  Then the dread of what would come.  Jack was out snowblowing our uber long driveway and it went dark.  Kids came running in to check on me washing dishes worried that it made me fall (I kid you not).   24 hours later, the power did come back, however, at the 20 hour mark, and a 55 degree house, we opted to go to my mom’s who only lost power for 2 hours and decided to forgo another cold, dark night in exchange for her homemade dinner and warmth.  Sure we enjoyed the candles, extra red wine and s’mores over the fireplace that first night but enough with wearing winter caps, gloves and jackets inside.  Not only that but around 8pm we heard a HUGE crash out our back and saw (as best we could in the dark) a massive pine laying on our deck inches from our roof and glass doors to our family room.  Branches were crashing down left and right all around the house, the snow was just SO heavy this round.

Anyway, we did power up the generator for the first time ever (owned it for years) the morning after in a 58 degree house and were able to get our Keurig to make our much needed hot coffee and lame space heater (anything was helpful at that point) but enough is enough.  The boys did get out to play once (since we could not dry their soaking clothes) as we have so many great trees and little hills around here.

Enjoy some pix of what we saw and did…


tiffani sunshine - awesome pics and documentation of the craziness surrounding that storm!

Vicky Choy - I like that the last photo was taken near Brimstone Lane 🙂

tisha - Love these!! Boy am I glad we didn’t get blasted like you guys 🙂

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