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Windows Catering Lunch | Amazing

So last week I had an amazing lunch at Windows Catering.  Danielle Couick invited me and my friend/colleague Jamie Windon to a total lunchfest at Windows.  Danielle had commented that, as photographers, she knows we usually get a boxed lunch at the weddings we shoot and rush to eat and wanted us to see and enjoy a Windows Catering lunch as it should be.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly wasn’t expecting what I got!  After a 3 hour lunch in their ‘tasting room’, I left with a very satiated tummy and extremely high impression of this company.  As a foodie, I am all about the senses that food brings forth — whether it’s memories of your mom’s homemade mac n cheese growing up, (or the special filipino food that I get which reminds me of my roots), or the freshness of a fruit or veggie in-season, the combination of colors and textures and tastes….it really is something for all senses and I really appreciate that.  This meal did not let me down and I felt like I had just left a 4-star restaurant.

The operation there (in Alexandria) is amazing, the kitchen was so cool (again, b/c I love to cook, this was awesome to see) with specific areas for baking, breads, weddings and corporate events.  They do a LOT of events — from corporate to weddings as I just mentioned but also can prepare a Valentine’s dinner for two, for example.  If one is capable of assembling a meal at home, you can pick up everything there and have an amazing meal at home with your sweet love.  Danielle is a Senior Event Coordinator there and does both corporate and weddings so if you are a bride-to-be, or know of one, I highly recommend to go to Windows and talk to them and taste their food.  Danielle Couick is who you need to ask for.  She has done live chats on washingtonian.com about their services and was featured in an article in Catering as well as My Day Magazines so she knows her stuff!  Moreover, Windows is on the BEST OF list for Washington Bride & Groom, Weddingwire.com, theknot.com and on the prestigous Grace Ormande Platium listing.

When I walked in, we were greeted by one of their employees who was in a tux with a silver tray with 4 Mango Bellini’s.  My eyes popped out. Then we were taken to the tasting room to begin our culinary experience.  It was truly royal treatment, esp when you are not expecting it.  Thanks Danielle.

I am not a food photographer but did snap many b/c it was truly art.


Well, it wasn’t just Bellini’s….they served white wine AND red wine too.


The room was decked out with fresh flowers and candles.


This is Strawberry-Tuna: rolled in black and white sesame seeds topped with Driscoll strawberry cloud, drizzed with balsamic vinegar syrup.


This masterpiece was Lobster-Pineapple:  sliced Maine Lobster tail and roasted Hawaiian pineapple on a knotted bamboo skewer with a sesame-soy vinaigrette.


Our first course was Maine Lobster with cannerozzetti pasta in a pink sauce.


Our main course was Filet of Beef on a bed of wild musrooms topped with a red wine reduction accompanied by a pear shaped potato croquette, jumbo asparagus spears and turned baby carrots.


and finally this amazing piece of art was Mango and Cocoa Bomb:  Flourless chocolate cake layered with mango mousse and chocolate cream encased in a gold flecked cocoa glaze.

Okay, I have never eaten anything GOLD so that to me was the TOPPER to my culinary experience.  I was so excited as I have only heard of this and seen it on TV!



And a self-portrait. 11


blondie - awesome! fab pics julia! except the last one – i have jewel tooth!! hahaha 🙂

love windows!

Danielle - You Rock! It was awesome having you! Thanks again!


Sarah Hodzic - Julia,
This looks like a super fun and extremely delicious lunch!!!
The appetizers are SO gorgeous!!

What fun!

MK - AHHHH! I am so darn sad that I had to miss it- next time! xoxo!

windows: food tasting! « blonde photo: have more fun! - […] a few weeks ago i was invited by the fabulous danielle couick to a tasting lunch at windows! danielle is a senior event coordinator at windows catering which is highly regarded as one of the premier caterers in dc. i absolutely love working with windows and was so thrilled to be invited to their tasting room! i was joined by my friend + fellow photographer julia macinnis, who wrote an incredible entry about our experience on her blog!  […]

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