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Workshop fun

On Sunday this past weekend, I participated in an all-day workshop in Old Town Alexandria hosted by New England photographer, Jeff Dackowski, which I committed to doing a year ago.  It was a hands-on lighting workshop — not a ‘behind the desk and take notes” kind which I was happy to do but OH MY GOSH — outside, 44 degrees and rain, mist, cold feet.  I am NOT a cold weather lover so I was dying pretty much all day.  And when I am cold, I can’t contentrate and I’m very good at verbalizing how cold I am.  Nevertheless, I persisted and wanted to post some photos.

We had about 4 models to work with and posed them in various way to ‘find the light” — whether that was to skim their face and create more of a flat-light look or for more dimension.


Here’s the crew with reflectors…..


and just b/c I like to play with effects….workshop10

This is the BEFORE photo…..


and the AFTER with reflectors…..amazing the difference in skin and catch-lights in eyes….


Here again using a BEFORE to demonstrate a slow shutter speed setting so more ambient light floods in…..augmented with artificial light.


and this one is a faster shutter speed so the background is darker = less light in camera.


Cool background!


When I studied photography, I did some “cross-processing” which was using chome/slide film and processing it in film chemistry or the oppositie – the results were always fun & unexpected but the intent was to get a color-shift in the prints. Now you can do it in photoshop with various actions.  Here’s an example….


and this last one exemplifies what I want to do more of — and that’s shoot with off-camera lights…so in this shot, Jeff held a strobe up and to the left of the model.



peter bang - way to brave the cold weather to get some cool shots Julia!

Jessica - Julia,

Thanks for sharing these! It’s neat to see them along with your explanation of how you were working with the light, etc. Gives me a little insight into how you photographers work your magic! I especially like the “color-shift” photo — the background looks awesome!


Erin - Can’t wait to hear what you learned! Love the before and afters, such a difference!

Armin - Fun shots, so cool to work with reflectors & off-camera light sources. Video lights have been my favorite toys lately =)

amie - I want to see the one of Heather with the rain drops on the lens! I loved the way it looked on your lcd. These turned out good! I have yet to edit mine!

Ingrid - Gorgeous models Miss Julia. Looks like a fun shoot despite the cold! =)

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